This delicious CorelDraw Tutorial will teach you how to create toffees. I love toffees and I am sure that you love them to. We will play with the transparency mainly. You can use this vector in greeting cards.    

By niharika.singhal, on May 22, 2013, under Corel Draw Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1

Draw a circle with ellipse tool. Fill it with fountain fill. Colors can be of your choice. Use one dark shade and other light. I have used dark orange and light orange.


Step 2

Copy and reduce the size of the circle (The reduced size is shown with dotted lines). Fill the smaller circle with radial fountain fill. The outer color of the radial fountain fill should be dark and the inner color should be light. This will give it a 3D look.


Step 3

Now copy the small circle and trim it with another circle (as shown in the image). You will get a crescent moon like object. Fill this with white color and place it above the smaller circle. Now make this object transparent with transparency tool as shown in the image.


Step 4

Trim another circle with oval. We will use it as highlight. Fill this white color. Use transparency tool as shown.


Step 5

Two more reflections. One of them should be white in color and other should be dark yellow. Use transparency tool as shown. Select the whole toffee and group it by pressing ctrl+g. ( To ungroup press ctrl+u)


Step 6

Now its time to wrap the toffee in a fancy looking wrapper. Use Bezier tool to create this shape.  Use same colors for fountain fill.


Step 7

Enable the snap to node option (alt+z). Alt+z is used for both on and off. So do check if its already on. With Bezier tool create the shape shown below. Fill it with medium tone of the shade you are using. I have used dark yellow. Make it transparent with transparency tool.


Step 8

Similarly create the other two with darker hue. Group the wrapper.


Step 9

Do the same


Step 10

Copy the wrapper and mirror it and rotate it as shown.