This CorelDRAW Tutorial will show you how to create a chair using two point perspective, perspective helps form baselines which makes it a lot easier to draw. In this tutorial u will learn how to draw using guidelines (CorelDraw x4 or higher version is recommended).  

By niharika.singhal, on July 30, 2012, under Corel Draw Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1

Here is the image of the tools i will be using....


Step 2

Draw a horizontal line using freehand tool...press ctrl to get a straight line....(ctrl blocks the angle at 15degrees)

then anywhere in the middle of the horizontal line draw a vertical line....press Alt+z....this will activate SNAP TO OBJECT

now draw the lines as shown in the figure....you will get two vanishing points. Draw another two lines(i have shown it in red color)......this will define the width of the seat


Step 3

To get the shape of the seat draw few lines more...


Step 4

Here i m trying to get the legs of the chair....i have got three legs.....and the square base on which the chair is standing


Step 5

Still working on legs....


Step 6

Now i m drawing a line for the forth leg....it will hide as it is behind the other three legs


Step 7

Draw the upper structure of the chair......now the baseline of the chair is completed....i have got this graph on which i can design any chair with similar structure


Step 8

now pick up the most powerful tool in corel...BEZIER....i m connecting the four nodes with bezier...while joining the nodes, curve the lines....SNAP TO OBJECT will help me to click on the exact node....


Step 9

Same process with the seat...i want the chair to look a little more comfy...so i will make the seat curvy


Step 10

Edit the legs..... Now you can delete the guide lines.....