In this CorelDRAW Tutorial you will learn to create spirals, mirror horizontally and vertically, copying using just the mouse, welding, repeat command and lots more...    

By niharika.singhal, on July 17, 2012, under Corel Draw Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1

In the Polygon flyout (in toolbox), select Spiral.


Step 2

In the property bar change the spiral revolutions to 2.


Step 3

Press Ctrl and draw the spiral.


Step 4

Select the spiral, press Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Now using the corner handle reduce the size of the spiral. It should look like the second image.


Step 5

Select both spirals and click Combine. It is a single curve now but you cannot fill colors yet.


Step 6

Select shape tool from the tool box and select the spiral. 


Step 7

Drag and select the nodes at the center of the spiral. It looks like there is only one node but there are two, one placed over another.


Step 8

With both nodes selected, click Join nodes button in the property bar.


Step 9

Now select the end nodes of the spiral using shape tool. Click Close curve in the property bar.


Step 10

Notice that the curve is now close. You can fill colors.