In this Corel Draw 15 tutorial, you will learn to create a beautiful leaf from just an ellipse. This tutorial is for beginners in Corel Draw. You will also learn to convert to curves command, Trim command and shaping process.

By niharika.singhal, on July 04, 2012, under Corel Draw Tutorials

Step 11:


Select Bezier Tool and draw a curve line as shown below.


Step 12:


Select the curve and change the outline width to 2.0 mm. It will become thicker.


Step 13:


With the curve still selected press Ctrl+Shift+Q (to convert line to shape). It has four nodes now.


Step 14:


Now first select the curve than press SHIFT key and select the leaf (Click on the edge of the leaf to select it). Notice the change in the property bar. Click Trim.


Step 15:


Select the curve and delete it.


Step 16:


Fill the leaf with green color and remove the outline (To remove the outline, right click the no fill button in the color palette).


Final Result:


You can create simple illustration using the leaf