In this CoreDraw Tutorial you will learn to create a heart shape. You can use this vector in a greeting card, you can also place a message inside the heart vector.    

By niharika.singhal, on February 13, 2013, under Corel Draw Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1

Select Ellipse tool to draw a circle. To draw a perfect circle press Ctrl then drag the mouse. The black boxes around the circle shows that the circle is selected.


Step 2

Select Bezier tool. Draw a line between the two quadrants as shown below in the image. Press Shift and continue drawing the line. Now close the shape. It will like a Triangle.


Step 3

Select all the nodes of the triangle with Shape tool. Press Convert to Curves.


Step 4

With shape tool selected, add node to the triangle. Now drag the node. Notice that the shape is changing.


Step 5

With shape tool still selected, edit the shape.


Step 6

Delete the node added previously. Edit the shape as shown in the image.


Step 7

Select both shapes and click weld.


Step 8

Select the shape and copy it (Ctrl+C) and paste it (Ctrl+V). Now press ctrl and move the shape to your right side. A blue outline will appear. Release the mouse button. Shape is flipped horizontally.

Select the shapes and Weld them. The heart vector is ready.


Step 9

Copy the heart shape, reduce its size, and rotate it. Make many such copies with different sizes and shapes rotations. Place them within the big heart.


Step 10

Fill the small hearts with different colors.