In this CorelDraw Tutorial, I will show how to create a bat using Bezier tool. Many of us find it difficult to use this tool, here I have used a simple technique to show you how to easily and effectively use this tool. You will also learn the process of mirroring, welding and shape tool.    

By niharika.singhal, on October 31, 2012, under Corel Draw Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1

Select Bezier tool and draw the shape (shown below) using straight lines. The shape should be enclosed. The figure beneath is for reference (It is not necessary to use. Its just for your help). 


Step 2

Select Shape Tool.


Step 3

Select the nodes using shape tool. To do this, drag the mouse pointer so that all nodes are within the rectangle. Blue nodes means that they are selected.


Step 4

After selecting the nodes, click convert to curves.


Step 5

Now you can curve the line. Select shape tool then click and drag the lines. Release the click after you have positioned the curve.


Step 6

Do the same for all the line segments.


Step 7

Now your shape should look something like this.


Step 8

Mirror and copy the shape. To do this, select the shape. Hold down ctrl key, drag the shape horizontally to your right. Right click and release the mouse.


Step 9

Select both shapes and press weld.


Step 10

It will look something like this after welding.