3D Graffiti Text effect in Cinema 4D

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Today we are going to create a 3D typography piece inspired by graffiti. This piece can be incorporated into any other designs or be displayed on its own.

I am using Cinema 4D 11.5 so my screen shots might be slightly different if you are using an older version but I promise the tools are still there.

I am attaching all of my files with the tutorial including the texture and material. You can choose if you want to use mine or create your own.

  • Program: Cinema 4D
  • Version: All. No extras needed.
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Estimated Completion Time: 20-30 minutes max.
  • Free Download Files: LINK


Final Result Preview:


Please note the final design is bigger than the images shown, they have be resized to fit and load on the web.


Step 1: Download


We are going to download a graffiti style font rather than make our own (which takes ages!)

I choose a great font called RUFA which you can find and download here LINK. If you can read spanish then please visit the guys website and leave a comment!

If you are a mac user, open the download and install into your font book.

If you use Windows then you need to drag your font onto the desktop and from there into your font folder (In the control panel).


Step 2: Open Cinema 4D


Open up your copy of Cinema 4D.

There are loads of shortcuts in C4D which make the whole thing alot easier. I am going to show you both ways of doing things due to the fact that some of the buttons have changed in the newer versions of C4D.

We need a text spline, so simply go Objects > Spine primitive > Text or you can click on the button pictured above and then select the text icon.


Step 3: Edit your text options


I am spelling the two words Photo and Shop but choose whatever you like.

Because we are editing each layer separately, each letter needs its own Spline so only type the letter you need.

Most importantly change the font to our newly downloaded one (Rufa).


Step 4: Add Extrude NURBS


Simply go objects > NURBS > Extrude nurbs.

Or even easier click the green square shaped box and then select Extrude NURBS.


Step 5: Place the text under the Extrude NURBS


Simply drag the text under the extrude NURBS, you should see a little arrow pointing down when you hover above the extrude NURBS.

You should see you text appear in 3D.

Change the names of your Extrude NURBS and Text to the letter of your first word. This makes it easier when playing around with the letters later on.


Step 5.5: Edit the Extrude NURBS


If you want to make the text thicker or thinner than the default then simply select the Extrude NURBS and then change the movement in the last box.


Free download files


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