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Dynamically hide an element using Bootstrap 3

By Rnel, on May 23, 2015, under Bootstrap Tutorials

In this example, a plain JavaScript code and a specific jQuery function are separately used to hide an element using Bootstrap 3.

Make Images Responsive Using Bootstrap 3

By Rnel, on May 09, 2015, under Bootstrap Tutorials

Just add the class "img-responsive" on the image tag to make it "responsive", the width and height of the image will automatically adjust to fit the screen on other devices, even on tabs, or on any of today's high-end mobile phones.

How to show an element with a Bootstrap "hidden" class using jQuery

By Rnel, on May 03, 2015, under Bootstrap Tutorials

Removing the "hidden" class will do the trick.

How To Center A Photo With A Class "img responsive" In Bootstrap 3

By Rnel, on April 25, 2015, under Bootstrap Tutorials

The default "img-responsive" class horizontal alignment of bootstrap 3 is left aligned. If you would like to center an image on your layout with that class, specially for your mobile users, just add the "center-block" class along with "img-responsive" class, and it will be nicely centered horizontally.