Design a Sofa in 3D Studio Max

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in this 3D Studio Max Tutorial I want to show how to modeling a sofa in very easy steps. then I will show you how to prepare you scene and create your material for having a realistic shot on your sofa.


Final Result Preview


Part 1: Modeling


Step 1:


Create a Box in Left view same as below picture. Change its name to R_H_Sofa which is short form of right hand sofa.


Step 2:


Right click on the Box and choose Convert to Editable Poly.


Step 3:


Select Edge from Editable Poly sub-objects. Now Select all segments around box same as below picture.


Step 4:


On the Editable Poly parameters hit Chamfer Settings button. Chamfer Edges dialog will be open. Change its parameters same as below picture.


We need to add more segments to border of our object to keep shape after smoothing. Here I preferred to add more edges with Chamfer tool.


Now if you apply TurboSmooth modifier to the box result will be same as this picture.


Step 5:


But we need sharper edges at all corners. So select one edge of each corner and then hit Loop button. Now all corner edges are selected. Again use the Chamfer tool with same settings to add extra edges.


Step 6:


Apply FFD 3x3x3 to the box object


Step 7:


In Modifier stack, expand FFD 3x3x3 and choose Control Points.


Step 8:


Select the point on the center of box and move it out to have a puffy shape.


Step 9:


Now that you don't need FFD modifier, right click on FFD 3x3x3 in Modifier stack and choose "Collapse To". Hit "Yes" button from warning window that will appear.


Step 10:


Similar to the below picture, select faces of both sides.


Free download files


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