Polystyrene foam is almost similar to plastic material which contain lots of small balls. Here we are going o create this material.

By hani, on June 28, 2015, under 3D Studio Max Tutorials

Final result preview

Step 1

Make sure you are using Vray as your render engine. Open Material editor. Apply VRayMtl to one of the free sample slots. Name it as you wish. I chose Foam.

Step 2

Add Cellular texture to the Diffuse map.

Step 3

In Cellular Parameters, change Cell Color to RGB=240. Then change Both Division Colors to RGB=200. Reduce Size to 0.2. Size will define how big or small will be the foam balls. You can try different values. Change Spread value to 1.

Step 4

Render your scene and see the result. Now you can see the size of the foam balls on your object.

Step 5

In VrayMtl material, Copy the Cellular Diffuse map on Bump map slot. Make sure you are using Copy method. Increase Bump value to 100.

Step 6

In the Bump Cellular map, change Cell Color to RGB=255. Change top Division Colors to RGB=128 and the bottom color to black(RGB=0).

Step 7

Render your scene and see the result. There is one more step to make it more realistic. In VRayMtl parameters, Change Reflect color to RGB=200. Make sure Fresnel reflections is enabled. Change Fresnel IOR to 1.46. Reduce Refl. glossiness to 0.65.

Step 8

Render your scene with final settings.