Hi, In this 3D Studio Max Tutorial you will learn about modeling a detailed classic wooden table. I have tried to show all steps, show some simple but useful techniques and give solution to possible problems you may face during modeling.    

By hani, on November 27, 2012, under 3D Studio Max Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1

In the Top viewport, draw a shape with Line same as below picture. I always draw a rough shape and in the next step try to re-shape it .


Step 2

Move vertices, add new vertices and change their type from Corner to Smooth and Bezier Corner to change its shape same as below picture.


Step 3

In the Line parameters, select Spline sub-object mode and click on the your shape in the scene.


Step 4

In the Line parameters, in the Mirror part, check Copy option and hit Mirror button. Now you have 2 shapes.


Step 5

Move the new shape to right side and select the lines between 2 shapes and delete them. since we are going to connect these 2 shapes, we do not need any line between them. 


Step 6

Connect these 2 shapes by welding their vertices.


Step 7

Select the new shape and again use Mirror to create its other side. this time choose Mirror Vertically from Mirror part.


Step 8

Move down the new shape and select the lines between 2 shapes and delete them.


Step 9

Connect the vertices between them. 


Step 10

Use Fillet to expand vertices in the middle.