In this tutorial we are going to make 4 different shapes of diamond. We will make material for them in VRay and finally render them.

By hani, on August 15, 2015, under 3D Studio Max Tutorials

Final Preview

Step 1

Create a Cylinder. Make sure its Sides set to 16. Its Height and Width Could be change later by moving its vertices.

Step 2

Convert the Cylinder geometry to Editable Poly and select its bottom vertices.

Step 3

Click on Weld button and increase its amount until all the bottom vertices welded together.

Step 4

In the Top view, same as the below photo make new cuts on the above surface. Follow from left to right. You can make new faces by Cut tool.

Step 5

We need to cut more faces. In the blow photo, you can see the place of the new cuts with red lines..

Step 6

Select middle vertices of the top surface.

Step 7

Use Scale tool and from Top view scale the selected vertices same as below photo. You should scale them along X and Y axis. Now you can compare the result with blueprint of round diamond. We almost created the same lines.

Step 8

While the top vertices are selected, move the up. You can use a reference photo for making the height of the diamond.

Step 9

Follow the below photo and select the vertices that shown with red color.

Step 10

Move them down to make straight line.