In this 3D Studio Max Tutorial we are going to create a pumpkin for Halloween.    

By hani, on October 30, 2012, under 3D Studio Max Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1

Create a Sphere object withRadius = 30 and Segments = 16.

click to insert to where the mouse pointer is currently focused on


Step 2

Right click on the object and convert it to Editable Poly.


Step 3

Go to Polygon sub-object mode and select the top faces as shown in the below picture.


Step 4

Use Inset tool with Amount of 4 to add new inner faces.


Step 5

Select the vertical edges as shown in the below picture. be careful to not select top edges.


Step 6

Use Extrude tool with Height = -2.1 and Width = 1.7.


Step 7

In the Front view, use Scale tool to squash the sphere slightly.


Step 8

To get the smoother result at the top of pumpkin object, connect the vertices at position 1 to position 2 as show in the below picture. You can use Target Weld tool.


Step 9

Select top edges as shown in the below picture. Apply Spherify modifier to make its shape close to circle shape.


Step 10

Select the top vertex and extrude it with Height = -2 and Width = 5.